Reverse Engineering

Do you have an object but not its 3D file?

After scanning the object using a 3D scan you can obtain a file that exactly meets your needs. Go from real-life to C.A.D accurately and quickly with INITIAL.

Worn or broken parts for which a supplier can no longer be found.


Reverse Engineering is THE solution for a part that does not have an existing 3D file. It is carried out from the scatter points obtained during the 3D scan.

The aim of this stage is to transform the data from the 3D scan into a fully exploitable file for your CAD software.

  • Our equipment comprises the best scanners on the market.
  • Once we have identified your needs together, the resulting file will exactly match your expectations.
  • Our expertise and technical knowledge of the products ensures an optimal service for you in close collaboration with your teams.


Our innovative machines, equipment and software ensure the optimal exploitation of the measurements we take.

There are numerous potential applications:

  • Study a new product using the old one designed without CAD as your basis.
  • Develop a product from a design model.
  • Improve a product’s performance and/or features.
  • Remanufacture a piece of equipment for injection/casting/stamping etc. for which you do not have the 3D file and, at the same time, incorporate the updates that have been made over time.
  • Quickly set in progress a pre-study with concrete geometric parts on which to base your work (mechanical or electronic parts, casings, frames, etc.)
  • Analyse an off-the-shelf product to define and adapt it to your own constraints.


Our GeoMagic® Wrap and GeoMagic® Design software allow you to benefit from the best features that this technology has to offer. We can offer you two types of Reverse Engineering, Rapid or Standard, depending on your needs.

Reverse engineering translates into the generation of a CAD area or volume file.

Rapid Reverse Engineering

  • Description: This type of file guarantees you a complete reconstruction. Its structure is suitable for very complex shapes, for example sculptures or organic shapes (animals or plants).
  • For: Manageable costs, rapid creation and may be used by all CAD/CAM software.
  • Limitations: Very little ability to modify after the event; not suitable for prismatic shapes.
  • Formats: IGES or STEP.

Standard Reverse Engineering

  • Description: These files are identical to those traditionally generated in CAD. The difference lies in the way the information derived from the digitalisation is used. They allow every shape to be perfectly followed, to obtain perfect geometry and to incorporate manufacturing technological constraints. We can also offer you files configured with their chronological design tree view.
  • For: Exact and editable geometric definitions, ideally suited to prismatic geometries.
  • Limitations: Costs and time to complete; difficulties when attempting to recreate very complex geometries.
  • File formats: IGES, STEP parasolid or CAD native.


We can offer several approaches and we will help you make the right choice to get the best and most sensible end result.

The expertise of our technicians and the calibre of our equipment mean that we can offer high-quality work on complex geometric shapes that are difficult to understand. All this makes the offer of our retro-design even more pertinent


Our specialised software allows us to use the measurements that we take in the best possible way:

  • Geomagic® Wrap and Geomagic® Design X
  • PTC Creo® offers advanced surfacing modelling and reverse engineering.
  • Rapidform
  • Imageware Surfacer


  • Manufacturing → automotive/aeronautics/nuclear/nautics/watch-making
  • Medical: → prosthetics/orthotics/apparatus/tools
  • Dental → orthodontistry/implants
  • Consumer products → domestic electrical appliances/sports and leisure/telephony equipment.
  • Scientific → archaeology/palaeontology/research/graphics.
  • Heritage conservation/museums → sculpture/works of art/historical objects
  • Competition→ motor car/motor bike
  • Entertainment → cinema computer-generated images/video games.