Sogeclair : Prospective Study Of Engine Pylon

The engine pylon makes the connection between the wing and the turbine, meaning it’s constantly under stress and exposed to environmental elements, so reliability in terms of thermomechanical properties must be guaranteed.


Nowadays, the pylon of the A320 is predominantly made of 650 parts of titanium with a weight of about 650kg.

3D printing allows for manufacturing parts with complex geometries, therefore, Sogeclair Aerospace wants a prospective study of a 1/8th-scale prototype of the pylon to design a prototype made of polyamide.


  • Plastic laser sintering
  • PA12 plastic powder
  • Inconel® for the part
  • Design suitable for additive manufacturing (laser sintering technology) with topological optimization based on Inconel® (2x denser than Titanium)


Thanks to plastic laser sintering technology, it becomes possible to make parts with complex geometries that were impossible with traditional methods which results in:

  • A 50% decrease in the number of parts used
  • A reduction in the final weight of about 100kg