CAD Development



  • Bringing your concept to the stage where we can deliver an aesthetic or working model,
  • Producing a working specification document for your project,
  • Carrying out a project feasibility study to determine the right decisions,
  • Fully developing your project, from concept through to series production,
  • Keeping control of manufacturing costs: minimising the investment or the item selling price,
  • Quickly integrating series production constraints through our Tooling Service.


  • Integration of different additive manufacturing constraints (direct metal laser sintering, sintering powder, etc.) for parts originated by your design office.
  • Re-design of your parts to integrate manufacturing constraints (direct metal laser sintering, sintering powder, etc.)
  • Integrating normative constraints (e.g.: toys, medical, electronics, sport and leisure sectors).
  • Proposals for manufacturing processes and the best choice of materials: injection, thermoforming, RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding), extrusion/blowing, sheet metal working, bending, stamping…


Project development for series production is structured around several phases according to your needs:

  1. Specifications: We offer you our expertise to help you specify in particular the various constraints on products and features.
  2. Feasibility study: Bringing the concept to fruition in 3D with a conceptual analysis and analyses of the manufacturing process and materials. This study will help you make the right decisions and produce a an aesthetic or working model according to your needs.
  3. Pre-Study: Bringing the concept to fruition in 3D including considerations for manufacturing process, materials and the product architecture. In addition, there will be a breakdown of the parts according to technology used and an assessment of the cost price well in advance.
  4. Study: Detailed CAD/CAM rendering showing the different functions including the series production constraints; the final section covers the manufacturing file, (an analysis of the functional clearances, detailed plans, nomenclature, calculations…).
  5. Behavioural and optimisation study: We size parts throughout the development cycle—using digital computer modelling software—thanks to our extensive expertise in manufacturing materials and technology.


  • Our Flexibility:  The team of 15 engineers and CAD/CAM experts, provides us with great flexibility to launch your projects rapidly; the project can then be shared among several people to accelerate completion, coordinated by a project manager, who will be your sole contact.
  • Our expertise across multiple technologies: sheet metal working, stamping, machining, thermoplastic injection techniques.
  • We have the necessary hindsight to support your project with our multi-sector expertise
  • We manage mechatronic systems: at the heart of our Global Offer, you will find the design offering (style lines, ergonomics etc.), electronics, design, development, production of functional prototype models, first prototype then series production of your project.
  • Founded on the range of technologies in our workshops; our know-how is both multi-technological and multi-material. We select the best solution to meet the needs of your project.


  • PTC Creo®
  • SolidEdge
  • Pro Mechanica


  • Mass-consumer products,
  • Medical,
  • Domestic appliances,
  • Sports/leisure,
  • Packaging,
  • Mechatronics…


  • Upon completion of the preliminary study, you may receive files for functional models or for sending RFQs to potential subcontractors
  • Series manufacturing or production file for international product manufacturing
  • 3D file provision integrating all series manufacturing constraints and detailed drawings (French/English)