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We’re freshly stocked up with presents
to pamper you over the holiday season:
new machines, new simulation capacities,
and a cutting-edge customer collaboration!
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2 new investments in plastic and metal Additive Manufacturing equipment


Installation of our new EOS M290 metal fusion machine in our production workshop in progress.

Production of parts using metal additive manufacturing is growing fast, driven by mass production of complex parts. We now possess 9 production systems and high-performance materials to produce your metal parts.
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Our new EOS Formiga P110 polyamide powder sintering machine.

We recently added a new High-Definition 3D printer to our production facilities. It’s a fast and extremely-accurate system: 4 times more so than traditional systems. The parts produced are higher resolution due to the thin layers and smaller laser spot, allowing for thinner walls, and more accurate nesting and lettering.
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Design right first time round with metal additive manufacturing

The metal additive manufacturing process for even the most complex projects can now be simulated. After testing a range of digital solutions, today our team uses Amphyon by Additive Works. With our in-house design & engineering office and production experience, this new tool is a fresh addition to our design and production range.

We can now simulate how a part is deformed during the production process, prior to actual production, and observe the part’s internal stresses, calculating the quantity of support structures it takes to manufacture it.

These results, in addition to our expertise, enable us to:

  • define the part’s optimal orientation
  • guarantee stable dimensional accuracy
  • reduce risks of production stoppages

With this new approach, we can push the limits of metal additive manufacturing, producing ever more complex parts.

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INITIAL is proud of its collaboration with OPR on the VYTRUVE project!
A specific 3D manufacturing and smart design solution for orthoprosthesists’ prosthetics. The socket is central to patient comfort. OPR has successfully combined handmade expertise and cutting-edge technologies, including an innovative scanner, smart software, and 3D printing by INITIAL.
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