Initial: new building

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Initial Annecy’s future headquarters, which will house all the teams and technologies
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Renovation and CSR

We decided to opt for renovation, by taking over a former industrial site, to avoid the unnecessary artificialisation of land and to preserve the surrounding environment as far as possible.

From a CSR perspective too, to heat the workshop, we worked with the Technical Design Firm CETRALP to design a system that recovers the heat generated by our equipment.


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Local design combining commitment and safety

In the spirit that drives Initial to be a committed stakeholder in the French and local economy, the work was undertaken with Brière Architectes and an overwhelming majority of local companies.

Each workshop has been designed to address the operational safety challenges of the various technologies that we use: plastic powder sintering, stereolithography, metal sintering, vacuum casting, thermoplastic injection moulding, etc.

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Comfort and modern facilities

The comfort of employees has not been forgotten, with an air handling system that meets the latest standards in terms of air renewal and temperature control, a social space and modern means of communication.

The project was affected, to a certain extent, by the Covid-19 pandemic with the planned move being postponed by several months to the autumn of 2020, with an organisation that will have no impact on Initial’s production capacity, thanks to the staggered transfer of equipment.