Prototype Molding

Thanks to prototype molding, industrialise your project and produce preproduction parts.

Injection molding of your production-grade parts on our pressing machines enables you to validate your product and its manufacturing process.

Prototype appearance parts, bi-material – © Initial – SWIZA Watch factory and Cutlery

With prototype molding, you can validate your product and its manufacturing process.

This tooling technology guarantees the optimisation of the injection molding process:

  • Validation of the configuration of your production process.
  • Validation of the product in production run configuration.
  • Start of production in the event of a delay in production run resources.

Discover all the technical characteristics of prototype molding.

  • 1,000 to 10,000 production-grade parts injection molded on our pressing machines.
  • Block cavities inserted into standard Initial molds or whole molds, in steel or aluminium, depending on your project’s characteristics.
  • On request: Rheological analysis, inspection report etc.
  • Provision of sample parts to validate the mold.


Technical thermoplastic – Standard Initial molds – Samples © Initial

In-house design of your molds in our integrated design office.

  • CAD adjustments with a view to simplifying the production of the mold thus reducing costs and turnaround.
  • Incorporation of the necessary draft angles.
  • Verification of the thickness of the material.
  • In some cases, simulation of the behaviour of the part during injection
  • Forward planning at the tooling design stage for filling, part distortion, hotspots in the mould etc.
  • Our software:
    • Rheology: Moldflow
    • Mould design: PTC Creo®

From the 3-D file of your part, we carry out a tooling study.

  • Undercuts removed from the mold manually by the operator using ejector blocks or pins at the foot of the press.
  • Generation of CAM electrode and tool paths.
  • Die machining.
  • Die polishing or specific graining.
  • Adjusting molds and assembly.
  • Injection tests and tool fine-tuning, changes to the dies possible subject to feasibility.

We are your local testing centre and you are welcome to come and take part in the injection tests. This will be the ideal opportunity for you to exchange views with the whole of our technical team.

Manufacturing of your molds and injection molding of your preproduction parts

Start production using production-grade parts:

  • Testing and client approval.
  • Manufacturing of preproduction parts to test a market.
  • Faster product fine-tuning.
  • Enables the testing of parts before starting production with a multiple cavity die.
  • Material tests.
  • Validation / optimisation of the injection process before producing a production mold.

Technical thermoplastics for your production-grade parts

  • Reinforced / non-reinforced PA
  • Reinforced / non-reinforced PBT
  • Reinforced / non-reinforced POM
  • Reinforced / non-reinforced PP
  • HDPE and LDPE