Rapid molding

Manufacture and test your production-grade prototype parts quickly

This tooling technology enables you to validate the design of your prototype parts before setting in motion the production progress.

PP (polypropylene) injection molded parts using Rapid Molding – ©Gérard – Pelgo

Discover all the technical characteristics

  • Injection molding of the parts in a metal die.
  • Quick turnaround
  • Approximately 50 to 1,000 parts using thermoplastic injection molding.
  • Final material.
  • All types of thermoplastic (except rigid PVC)


With rapid molding you can manufacture and test your prototypes

During the validation stage of your part design, make the most of production-grade prototypes to:

  • Test the characteristics of the product in its final material
  • Carry out your mechanical validation tests such as assembly, strength and operation

A genuine alternative that enables you to benefit from production-grade parts more quickly.

Validate your designs quickly

Responsive production ideal for your prototype parts.

  • Produce and test prototypes,
  • Final material needed,
  • Make parts rapidly available,
  • Validate the design before launching the production process.

Technical thermoplastics for your production-grade parts

  • Reinforced / non-reinforced PA
  • Reinforced / non-reinforced PBT
  • Reinforced / non-reinforced POM
  • Reinforced / non-reinforced PP
  • HDPE and LDPE

INITIAL and PELGO, a successful collaboration born of an invention

Tooling technology that meets the needs of designers such as Pelgo who has benefited from this solution to validate its prototype.