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Sylvestre PERRIN, General Manager

3D printing business
Having become General Manager of INITIAL last October, Sylvestre Perrin took over the reins of the parent company and its subsidiaries. “I am proud to help write a new page in the company’s 30-year history of growth.” Controlling the entire 3D printing value chain is a given for INITIAL.

The new headquarters is actually home to Podo 3D, and its range of 3D printed orthopaedic soles, as well as Prodways Printers, which develops powder sintering machines.
2021 witnessed the acquisition of Creabis GmbH, a German plastic 3D printing service specialist.
A strategic takeover for its export growth projects, which currently represents 25% of its business.

In line with its aims, INITIAL is continuing to innovate with its new “3D Molding” technology, which combines tools made using 3D printing and thermoplastic injection moulding.
This alternative innovative technology thus meets the needs of
manufacturers,, which can now take advantage of this new production process to reduce their time to market and demonstrate a perfect synergy between teams, in terms of both skills and technology, in the service of innovation

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3D printing business The agile manufacturer and producer of your 3D designs
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The Haute-Savoie-based 3D printing business has everything it takes to attract manufacturers in the constant search for innovation.

Its role is to advise and support them in the development of their products, using the expertise of its design office, its plastic and metal rapid prototyping solutions and even its mastery of processes allowing them to mass produce and oversee market launches of 1 to 100,000 parts.

In its new premises designed to accommodate its growth, INITIAL has brought together its headquarters, as well as all its R&D and production operations, under one roof.
The new production site based on Parc Altaïs in Chavanod, has become a centre of excellence within the Prodways Group.
As a winner of the “Relance Industrie” plan, the Prodways Group, a global player in 3D printing & digital design, benefited from a grant of €3.3 million for its “Futur3D” R&D programme





4500 m²

production site


A training course offering total immersion in the heart of 3D printing

All industrial sectors are impacted by all additive manufacturing technologies and need to adopt an innovative approach to maintain their competitiveness. INITIAL’s expertise, as the leader in France, is reflected in the design – or re-design – of products, within the framework of around 120 projects developed a year for its customers.

Based on this experience of the production of millions of parts using these technologies, INITIAL has developed a complete package of training and workshops dedicated to additive manufacturing in an innovative format, which allows a customised programme to be created for its customers and their teams.