Plastic additive manufacturing

INITIAL's expertise in plastic additive manufacturing is unique in Europe. Our expertise is based on a wide variety of 3D printing technologies and materials, which we can apply to your products. Read more
impression 3D plastique piece industrie fabrication additive Fabrication pièce plastique
3D technologies

Plastic part manufacture

Innovation for your products

Our fleet of more than 40 machines and our production capacity mean we can turn our products around very quickly. Our team will advise and guide you in choosing the 3D plastic printing technology best suited to your project. Innovation is at the service of your products, and we are constantly on the lookout for the most appropriate solutions for your needs. Aware of the urgency of your projects, we are committed to delivering as quickly as possible.

We manufacture all your parts:

  • mock-up
  • prototype parts
  • pre-production;
  • series production.
Production capacity

Our technologies

Discover our reliable, fast and high-performance service thanks to our different plastic 3D printing technologies and our wide range of materials.
Finishes & markings

Post-processing at Initial

To get your product in its final version.

All our expertise in finishing your 3D printed plastic part is available thanks to our dedicated workshops and qualified painters, top-of-the-range products and a colouring machine. We can also offer you a specific metal treatment for your 3D printed parts.

We offer different finishes depending on the process and material used.

finitions atelier peinture impression3d couleur plastique impression 3D peinture finitions couleur prototype atelier impression3d plastique impression 3D finitions peinture impression3d couleur pistolet plastique impression 3D
Do you have a 3D plastic printing project?

Not sure which materials or technologies are best suited to your project? Take a look at our comparison or get in touch with our team.