3D printing has revolutionised this sector, in areas such as custom manufacture of medical devices, rapid production of prototypes and anatomical models, or research and development into new medical treatments and technologies.

3D printing is increasingly used in the medical sector for such benefits as enhanced customisation of medical devices, lower costs, higher quality of care, speed of production and waste reduction.
3D-printed medical devices can also be more precise and reliable than those produced using traditional methods and can be produced rapidly in urgent cases, with a minimum quantity of raw materials.

Our 3D printing solutions for the medical industry enable this constantly evolving sector where the search for more innovative tools is perpetual, to manufacture devices for practitioners (surgeons, prosthetics specialists), ultra-customised medical equipment suited to patient morphology and their specific conditions, or to 3D-print preview models to prepare operations.

We use biocompatible materials combined with high-precision 3D printers.

Our team of creators and designers delivers high-quality service and advice on selecting appropriate medical 3D printing materials to use and on the best-suited 3D printing technologies for your projects.

Initial 3d design high definition 3D printing medical 3D printing 3D object scan 3D printing is a rapid and simple process used to develop parts.

Use medical 3D printing to swiftly and simply validate the form, adaptability and operability of your devices. Possible applications:

  • Prototyping and form validation.
  • Functional tests.
  • Validate choices in terms of form, compliance and operability before transition to large-scale production.
  • Reduce costly modifications to production tools.
  • Reduce functional kinematic assemblies
    (interlocks, tolerance tests, etc.).

initial design production medical 3D printing custom 3D printing prototype mould Our additive manufacturing technologies can print medical devices precise to a few microns such as cutting and surgical guides, perfectly suited to the morphology of your patients, while reducing costly modifications to your production tools.


Our range of medically-qualified biocompatible materials for medical 3D printing can satisfy the most demanding applications.


The aim is to provide products that fit your patients perfectly.
Possible applications:

  • Maxillofacial reconstruction
  • Orthotic devices
  • Mobility devices


Our plastic 3D printing services can produce light orthopaedic or comfort insoles, ideally suited to the morphology and correction requirements of each patient or user.
The insoles are ultra-customised using the precise scan of the form of the foot and arch, with a lattice or alveolar structure that serves to individually adjust the density according to the areas of the foot.

emboiture prothese personnalise medical impression 3D sur mesure

Custom equipment with 3D printing

Powerful, user-friendly, and aesthetic equipment designed individually to suit every patient.
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3D footprint acquisition and digitisation devices

First portable 3D scanner for podiatry offering half-load footprint acquisition.
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