Discover our product case studies, where our additive manufacturing processes have been used to optimize production processes, control costs or reduce time-to-market in a wide range of industries.

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Medical #Product design An eye on the future - The Cellularis Discovery device by EarlySight Earlysight, a start-up aiming to revolutionize the treatment of eye diseases, has designed a revolutionary imaging device called Cellularis® Discovery, in collaboration with design firm KIDS and Initial's teams.
Medical #Plastic injection molding Mahi prosthetic foot: plastic injection moulding With the Mahi foot, the objective was to propose the most dynamic patients with unrivalled walking comfort and capacity for movement that matched their activity.
Medical #3D Plastic Device for the acquisition and scanning of 3D printing The first portable podiatry 3D scanner for taking seated impressions.
Art & Design #3D Plastic The work “Psyché” produced by 3D printing As a professional sculptor working in bronze since 1995, Isabelle Jeandot lives and works in her studio on the shores of Lake Geneva.
Automotive & Mobility #3D Metal 3D printing for the INSA Racing Team! Production of 4 rockers by metal 3D printing in aluminium ALSi10Mg in our production facility.
Industry #3D Plastic A 3D printed flexible mask An ultra-flexible part with a very high level of precision, resolution and excellent elongation capacity.
Automotive & Mobility #3D Metal Foil support produced by titanium 3D printing Designed to support the foil system laterally, it allows the boat to “fly”.
Industry #3D Plastic Additive-manufactured cowling parts Take a look at these completely transparent resin industrial parts produced by 3D printing.
Automotive & Mobility #3D Plastic #3D scanning INITIAL and SPIRGRIPS®, the secrets of the ergonomic grip There’s nothing quite like sport for inspiring innovation. Check out these grips offering an alternative position on the handlebars.
Aerospace #3D Metal #3D Plastic A metal 3D printed drone motor coil An original brushless motor concept representing a significant evolution of the traditional electric motor
Automotive & Mobility #3D scanning 3D scan of a Yamaha R1 The Moto Ain team handed over one of its motorbikes, the Yamaha R1, which is competing in the EWC, the Motorbike Endurance World Championship, to us.
Medical #3D Plastic A custom-made prosthetic thanks to 3D printing The project places humans at the heart of innovation. A strong, comfortable and attractive prosthetic redesigned to adapt to every patient.
Art & Design #3D Plastic XXL resin prototypes A look at the outstanding production of prototypes for aesthetic approval created by 3D printing.

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