Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting or vacuum duplication ensures faithful reproduction of a model using a silicone mould. It is incontestably the most economical solution for the production of short series: prototype parts, pre-production or end parts. The resins used offer the advantage of similar properties to the plastics used in injection moulding (thermal, mechanical, appearance).
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coulée sous vide


Used to produce solid-coloured parts.
coulée sous vide

Small series

Used to build prototype parts, pre-production or end parts
duplication sous vide

Variety of materials

Build your parts in the equivalent production grade materials (flexible, rigid or transparent).
Vacuum casting

Manufacturing process


After creating a master (or model) in SLA stereolithography, a silicone mold is made. The impression left by the master in the mold is filled with polyurethane resin using a vacuum casting machine. The vacuum created in this machine prevents the presence of large quantities of bubbles in the material, which could weaken the part. The service life of a mold can range from 10 to 25 parts, depending on the complexity of its geometry and the type of resin used.


  • Prototypes for mechanical, thermal or aesthetic validation.
  • Pre-series for market testing with your customers.
  • Pre-series for product certification.
  • Small series for marketing.
  • Overmolding of specific inserts in all materials.

Our strengths

  • Possibility of overmolding and adding inserts.
  • Numerous finishes available for a standard or high-end look: metallization or objet d’art/luxury.
  • Part dimensions: 600 x 600 mm, maximum 2kg.
  • ISO 9001 – EN 9100 certified.
  • Certified materials: ROHS – USP 6 – REACH – UL94 – FAR25.

Our equipment

  • 1 UGM® 700 machine – cap. 800 x 700 x 700.
  • 3 UGM® 400 machines – cap. 400 x 400 x 400.
  • 4 ovens.
Technical expertise

Vast materials catalogue for your parts

  • Our resins
  • Coulée sous vide : Les résines polyuréthane, époxy, silicone vous permettent de réaliser vos pièces proche bonne matière. Coulée sous vide : Les résines polyuréthane, époxy, silicone vous permettent de réaliser vos pièces proche bonne matière.

    Our resins

    Polyurethane, epoxy and silicone resins enable you to produce your parts close to the right material. Discover how to produce small series quickly and economically.

    • PP type, ABS type, filled…
    • Rigid, flexible, mixed parts
    • Colored, transparent parts,
    • Small batches (approx. 20 pcs.)
    • Can be threaded, overmolded,
    • Resistant to °C/shock.
    • Tolerances on large parts.
    • Minimum wall thickness: 0.5mm
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