SLS HD 3D printing.

HD powder sintering (SLS additive manufacturing) is used to create parts layer by layer. The powder is applied in successive layers and the laser sinters the areas of the part being made on each new layer. The parts produced are suited to functional, mechanical and thermal testing. The powder can be natural or charged, and may also be certified for use in the aeronautics industry.
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frittage de poudre Impression 3D haute définition


Production of single parts or small runs with short lead times and high responsiveness.
impression 3D stéréolithographie initial conception 3d impression 3d stéréolithographie impression 3d resine


Used to produced precise parts with fine details
initial prodways impression 3D poudre de polyamide fabrication pièce plastique poudre impression 3d Impression 3D haute définition

Mechanical strength

Mechanical strength close to injected plastics, good heat resistance.
High definition 3D printing

Manufacturing process


With powder sintering, your parts are created by layering molten polymer under the action of a CO² laser, enabling the manufacture of highly complex geometries. In a pre-heated chamber, a polyamide (nylon) powder is deposited on a manufacturing platform. An infrared laser beam melts the powder only in the areas corresponding to the part. As the powder solidifies again, the upper stratum attaches to the lower layer, gradually forming the part.

Our strengths

  • High productivity
  • Optimized costs and lead times
  • Operational flexibility: able to create a specific process on demand
  • ISO 9001 – EN 9100 certification


A high-precision rapid prototyping tool.

  • The resulting prototypes feature enhanced resolution thanks to thinner layers and a finer laser spot.
  • Accuracy and detail rendering are considerably enhanced.
  • Ideal for small production runs and the most demanding creations.

Our equipment

High definition 3D printing

Our materials

  • PA 2200 HD
  • PA 2200 HD - Impression 3D - Thermoplastique - Matériaux initial prototypage rapide impression3d poudre fabrication additive haute définition PA 2200 HD - Impression 3D - Thermoplastique - Matériaux

    PA 2200 HD

    PA 2200 HD is a thermoplastic commonly used in industry. It is a high-performance engineering plastic, specially designed for the production of robust, wear-resistant parts.

    • Color: white
    • Ideal for clips
    • Flexible
    • Very fine, detailed parts
    • Small parts
    • Minimum wall thickness = 0.4 mm
    • Wall thickness = 0.7mm
    • Layer thickness = 60/100 µ
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Comparison of 3D technologies and plastics

Do you know which material is the most suitable for your high definition 3D printing project?
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