An immersive drone tour around the heart of Initial

Initial impression 3D drone FPV

Address the challenges of innovation and competitiveness with Initial

Discover our production facility in this immersive video:

  • Design office
  • 3D Scanning
  • Tooling & Injection Moulding
  • Metal 3D printing
  • Plastic 3D printing

Well done and thank you to all the INITIAL, Prodways Group teams for this film of our amazing industrial facility.

Initial impression 3D drone FPV

Using an FVP drone

The FPV drone, which stands for “First Person View”, is a technology that allows a device to be flown from a first person perspective using a live video stream from the drone’s camera.

This immersive experience provides a precise view of what the device sees, offering opportunities such as racing, free flight, aerial photography and videography.

This technology is also used for commercial purposes, including inspection, mapping and search and rescue operations.

Regulatory constraints

However, flying this technology requires a certain degree of skill and experience, and must be undertaken with caution in accordance with local laws and regulations. To this end, we used a class C0 drone (weighing less than 250g) with the overflight of people permitted. Additional propeller protection for safety purposes.

All controlled by an expert pilot! In addition, of course, local authority and Annecy control tower authorisations were obtained for the outdoor parts of the overflight.

Initial impression 3D drone FPV
Initial impression 3D drone FPV

A shared challenge

Involving 100 employees over an area of more than 4500m².

In fact, as filming covered the entire area of our production plant, it was necessary to temporarily suspend activities for each sequence, for the whole morning.

The employees involved needed to stick to a very specific script while performing everyday actions and ignoring the camera.