Serial mold

A high quality steel serial mold to manufacture your simple or complex parts. Tooling technology that offers finely-scheduled production.
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initial- impression 3d série-piece 3d sur mesure-moule prototype

Mass production

Production of 100 to 100,000 identical parts in serial mode based on an annual schedule.
initial- impression 3d série-piece 3d sur mesure-moule prototype outillage moule série


Benefit from the traceability of our injection processes and production batches.
initial- impression 3d série-piece 3d sur mesure-moule prototype outillage moule série


Wide range of finishes for optimised result: inserts, overmoulding, pad printing, engraving, custom packaging.

Production easily scheduled using series mold

We design your production mould tooling in our dedicated design office:

  • CAD layouts to simplify mould production and reduce costs and lead times.
  • Integration of the necessary drafts.
  • Checking material thicknesses.
  • Simulation, in certain cases, of the part’s behaviour during injection.
  • Anticipation during tool design: filling, part deformation, hot spots in the mould, etc.
  • Our software :

Series mold tooling technology for planned production:

  • Product marketing.
  • Parts manufactured according to a forecast schedule.
  • Tooling guarantee from 500,000 to 1,000,000 parts.

Based on the 3D file of your part, we carry out a tooling study:

  • CAD/CAM generation of tool paths and electrodes.
  • Machining of cavities.
  • Polishing of cavities or specific graining.
  • Mould adjustment and assembly.
  • Injection testing and tooling fine-tuning (MAP) up to the presentation of initial samples accompanied by an inspection report and capabilities if required.

Production flexibility for your mass-produced parts:

  • Management of mould storage and maintenance.
  • Annualised production planning.
  • Rapid delivery of small quantities.
  • Standard injection, capillaries, nozzles or hot blocks.
  • Single or multiple cavities.
  • Industrialisation of the process according to announced quantities.
Technical expertise

From 100 to 100,000 injection-molded parts

  • Series Molding
  • Injection moule série injection thermoplastique outillage Injection moule série injection thermoplastique outillage

    Series Molding

    A high-quality steel mold for regular production of your simple or complex serial parts.

    • Impression blocks mounted in standard INITIAL housing or complete steel mold.
    • Part size according to analysis and technical validation
    • Max volume = <200cm3
    • Max. surface area = <300cm3
    Matière définitive

    All thermoplastics except PVC.

    • PA, PBT, POM, PP: filled and unfilled.
    • HDPE and LDPE.
    • ABS, ABS/PC, PC.
    Production lead times
    • To define according to your project.
    • Production file approved by EI.
    • Definition of the control range, packaging, etc.
    • Production of parts according to an annual schedule.
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Comparison of tooling technologies

Do you know if series mould tooling is suited to producing your plastic parts?
View our comparison or why not get in touch with us.