Metal sintering takes on production

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Metal sintering

DMLS® production

for your complex parts, for a weight saving and the use of high-performance materials.

Our metal production site has had a makeover!
Following major redevelopment work, our site is operational.
The arrival of new machines and new materials has enhanced our Metal Additive Manufacturing offering.

INITIAL has decided to dedicate a production site to Metal Sintering in order to provide a structure for this high-tech hub, which will produce not only prototype parts, but also mass-produced parts.

Getting ahead of the competition.

Designing and producing differently

Metal Sintering or DMLS® is a technology in its own right.
So parts need to be designed by taking account of the specific aspects of production and its numerous advantages.
Commission our Design Office experts to design or re-design your parts to improve the odds in your favour and obtain the best results for you.

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Do you need prototypes or made-to-order parts?

Functional proof of concept

Metal additive manufacturing technology is perfect for rapidly producing prototypes or models.
It is ideally suited to the production of complex made-to-order parts. A wide choice of materials allows you to test strength, fatigue, use, etc. prior to marketing and mass producing your parts.


Metal sintering

A new production process

Metal Additive Manufacturing has become a technology in its own right, creating a new vision of mass production.

  • Perfect for customised, scalable or bespoke parts.
  • It is ideally suited to the aviation and medical sectors.
  • Our constantly evolving range of machines operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week throughout the year.
  • For greater flexibility, we have created machine/material pairings that guarantee reliability and responsiveness.
initial design production

An operational production site

We have one of the largest production capacities in Europe ensuring the best possible responsiveness. With the option of using all the materials thanks to two technologies.
Laser sintering using nitrogen or argon and EBM® using helium.

  • One EOS® M 400-4 machine
  • Two EOS® M 270 machines – Two EOS® M 280 machines
  • Two EOS® M 290 machines – One EOS® M 270 Xtended machine
  • One Arcam Q20 EBM® machine
initial service 3d © metal sintering
initial conception 3d
Metal sintering

Dedicated equipment

INITIAL uses ANSYS® for all its services.

We also have an additional SIMULATE® pre-design tool integrated into the PTC Creo® environment.
Finally, we have Solidworks, which completes our digital solutions.

Long-term reliability


We use our range of machines to process materials in the form of powders, which are all of a uniform and consistent quality.
We choose our suppliers with rigour and attention to detail and use the materials with dedicated and qualified machine parameters.

Our aim is to be able to produce and reproduce your parts in the long term.

Initial process dmls

Based on your specifications, we are able to carry out all post-processing operations:

  • Removing parts from the build plate: sawing, wire cutting
  • Removing possible material by machining
  • Obtaining a good surface finish by micro-bead blasting
  • Obtaining a brushed or polished finish (on request)
  • Tapping, bores and reworking operations to guarantee exacting tolerances.
Initial post process  post traitement